5 Key Factors To Becoming Successful As A Catfish Farmer

The business of catfish farming is to produce fish to supply your catfish market at a competitive price and

to make a profit after you have taken into account

all the amounts you spent on raising the fish, paying the staff, building the farm, the pond and transporting the fish to the market etc.

If you can sell your fish for more than the total cost it takes to produce the fish,

You have a viable business.

There are 5 key parameters that help determine your level of productivity and

how well you do as a fish farmer and how profitable your business is likely to be.

If you know what this key factors are and you look out for them and manage them well in your fish farming business,

You would have a successful fish farming business.

What are these key parameters that help determine your profitability in the catfish business?

The key paramiters that help determine your level of productivity and success in the catfish farming business are:

1. The quality of water in your fish pond and how well you manage it

2. The quality and quantity of the feed you feed your fish and how well you manage it

3. The quality of the fish you stock in your pond

4. How well you manage the farm

5. Your knowledge of the market.


Understanding these key parameters are the first steps towards becoming successfull in the catfish farming business.


owning a successful fish farming business

Now that you know what they are, your level of success in producing your own catfish depends on how well you manage these factors

How well would you say you are currently managing these key factors on your own fish farm?

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  1. balbir singh says:

    i am interested in info for fabricating a cage type coastal fish farm.
    1. a cage of 6 mt square with 1.5 mt hieght should be made of stainless steel or aluminium or polythene
    2. with what will it be kept afloat

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