A Video Guide To Fish Farming

Have you ever wondered what a top of the range fish farm looked like?

Here is a huge fish farming system that uses very low amounts of water to produce 20 - 50kg of fish per 1 cubic meter of pond.

It is really intensive fish farming.  This system can achieve these high levels of production because the water is airated, filtered, cleaned  and then recirculated to use for the fish and other products.

The owner of this fish farm also derives a sizeable additional income from water end vegetable produce such as peppers and tomatoes that lives on the bi-products of the fish.

Watch the video below and let us have your views...:-)

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  1. gilbert deang says:

    i have seen this advanced aquaculture clip called the inflated bubble where the company produces 20 to 50 kilos of fish per cubic meter. i am interested in this setup. first, what is the name of this company? where is it located? how much did they spend to do the whole setup? how much land area do you need? is it possible to visit the site? please let me know. thanks.

    • Hi Gilbert

      I understand the person who uploaded the video is based somewhere in Israel. The details I have for the person who uploaded the video are as follows:

      Name: Avi Koren
      Email: avik (at) arava.co.il

      You might want to try emailing the person to find out more info

      Kind regards


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