Fish Farm Business Loan – How To Write A Successful Business Proposal

How To Successfully write A Business proposal to obtain a loan for your fish farming business

You have set up your fish farm and you have a ready market that is steadily buying from you and ...

your fish farm business is doing quite well ... you are making good profit

You have the markets quite sewn up!!

You know there is still more room in the market to grap more of the market share and grow your fish farm business

You have done your market research and you can see the opportunity glaring you right in the face...

that a definite opportunity exist for you to grow your fish farm business to take advantage of the market.

The problem is ....

that you don't have quite enough yet to grow your business in order to take advantage of the market and

all your efforts to get the banks, investors and people you know to loan you some money has not been successful.

Don't think you are alone for a moment...

Many prospective and existing fish farmers indicate that they have experienced difficulties in obtaining loans for their aquaculture (Fish farming ) business too.

There are many reasons for this.

In many cases, lenders are just not familiar with the business of farming fish and it's market potential.

Remember the business of farming fish is still a young industry with plenty of opportunity to grow ... so it is not a familiar business proposal to most bank managers

In other instances, lenders are concerned with the uncertainty and risk associated with fish farming ventures.

However, even when a lender understands the business of farming fish and its potential, an inadequately prepared business loan proposal will result in a rejection by the lender.

In evaluating a business proposal and loan application, lenders do take into consideration several factors.

Your job as the fish farm business owner or manager is to know what these factors are and to adequately prepare your proposal to address the issues

Your business proposal must adequately deal with all the factors that the lenders take into consideration to give it any chance of being favourably considered by a lender

So what are these factors that help determine if your business proposal will be acceptable or not?

Attached below is an article to guide those fish farm owners who are looking to raise a loan for their fish farm operations.

The article will help you on How To Successfully write A Business proposal to obtain a loan for your fish farming business.

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Download: Business Proposal Guide


Source: Carole R. Engle and Nathan M. Stone


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