Fish Farming – 9 Key Reasons To Have A Successful Fish Farming Industry

Over 50% of all fish eaten today, now comes from a land based fish farm somewhere as apposed to one caught naturally from the seas ...

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that an additional 40 million tons of aquatic food will be required by 2030 — just to maintain current levels of consumption.

Consumption is expected to keep rising, fed by a growing and aging population (older people generally consume more seafood) and public awareness of seafood as part of a healthy diet.

Sadly, the ocean's ability to produce fish is diminishing. With increasingly sophisticated fishing gear, humans' ability to catch fish has exceeded the ocean's capacity to produce fish. Many kinds of seafood, from Atlantic cod to grouper and snapper, are severely depleted.

Restoring wild fisheries can add to fish supplies, but experts agree that fish farming, or aquaculture, is the only way to greatly increase world seafood supplies.

With the demand for fish across the world far outstripping supply.

Is this an industry developing countries with the necessary water resources should be seriously looking into?

Should your country be developing and encouraging it's citizens to get involved in the fish farming industry?

Here are 10 key benefits for any country to have a buoyant and successful fish farming industry:

fish farming business money

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Owning a successful fish farming industry creates a massive opportunity for the country to earn additional income through exports so much so at a time when demand worldwide for fish products far exceeds the supply.

The demand for fish across the world is pretty high at the moment and demand is expected to grow even much more further, as the world population continues to soar ....

just at a time that the natural supply of fish from seas and rivers shows signs that it is rapidly on the way down. Mother nature showing signs that it can no longer continue to cope with our blatant abuse of nature on issues such as overfishing and pollution.

As the fish farming industry grows within the country, it is expected to provide an excellent value added market for agronomic crops


Having a succesful fish farming industry represents a great opportunity for the Country to earn additional foreign exchange through export, which is, indispensable for the economic development of the country concerned and for scheduling the international debts owed by the country



An Opportunity to create more local employment for the nationals of that country.

The steady expansion of the fish farming markets in any country does create job opportunities in other areas such as; on grow out farms, with cage operators, small scale hatchery operators, netting communities, fish feed sellers and a whole lot of servicing industries.



Fish is regarded as one of the greatest source of protein and highly recommended by doctors and dieticians as an important part of our diet. This represents an opportunity for the country to provide an inexpensive diet rich in protein source for it's population.

Over one billion people rely on fish as a main source of protein, many of them in developing countries. The dominant fish farmed worldwide is carp, which is chiefly produced in Asian countries for domestic consumption.



Being able to feed one's own country inhabitants and even export the excess creates an opportunity for the country in the long term to be able to contribute in its own way to the development of the world economy on a global scale.



Having a succesful fish farming industry represents an opportunity for the country to increase and develop the skill base (tacit knowledge) within the country resulting in more economic growth for the country. The more skilled the country gets at doing this task, the better the country gets at performing this task giving it a competitive advantage over the other countries.



Having a successful fish farming industry represents a great opportunity to develop the living standards in rural area's of the country.

With the creation of jobs and the fact that the masses can afford to feed themselves directly; the standards of living within the country will no doubt rise. An example of this, is that of the marginal rice farmers in the philippines; they found that they had been able to boost their incomes and improved their living conditions by shifting to tilapia fish farming as a business.



Having a successful fish farming industry represents an additional means available to the nationals of that country to break out of the poverty trap. For example the landless peasants in the philippines with access to inland waters now depend on cage and pen culture of tilapia fish as a source of income. So also are a lot of people living in rural areas in Kenya and Uganda where fish farming is on the rise.



Fish farming does not require the extensive capture of wild fish. They can be raised in tanks until they're ready to be sold on the market without having to strip oceans of entire schools of fish, allowing for better preservation of marine ecosystems.


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