How Can I Remove The Taste Of Mud From My Tilapia Fish?


It is common to find freshwater tilapia to have a taste like soil or earth.

This is mainly caused by a kind of water plant or seaweed that the tilapia eat.

There are a number of things that you can do to cure your tilapia fish from tasting of mud.

This earthy taste can be removed by a number of methods.

Below are 2 methods that you might want to use depending on what stage of the process you are:

If you are in the process of cooking your tilapia fish, you might want to first soak the tilapia fish in pure lambanog (coconut or palm wine) one hour before cooking.

Szechuan Tilapia
Creative Commons License photo credit: 3liz4


If you are a fish farm owner and you want to improve the taste of your fish (which will go down well with your customers), you can cure your tilapia fish by first depriving the fish of food for six hours, to cleanse their intestines.

You will then need to transfer your fishes to another tank for 3 days, where you will need to change the water several times until the earthy taste is gone.

You can perform this process just a few days before you take your fish to the market.

Don't forget to let your clients know that your fish taste better than your competitors :-)


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