How To Make Your Own Fish Feed – Download FREE Guide


Aquaculture Feed - How To Make Your Own Fish Feed

This guide briefly introduces the science of aquaculture feed formulation including ...

sections on components of fish feeds together with the following information on how to make your own fish feed


  • The 3 key factors that you will need to consider carefully, when choosing the ingredients of your aquaculture feed to promote optimum survival and growth of your fish
  • How to formulate diets for your fish to meet given nutritional specifications even if you have limited funds available
  • What tools you might need to have in place in order to be able to manufacture your own live fish food
  • Sample formulas for preparing your own aquaculture feeds
  • Steps that you can personally take to increase stability of the fish farm pellets you have prepared

This Guide is a "step by step" guide on how to prepare your own quality fish feed pellets


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