Thinking Of Starting A Shrimp Farming Business – What To Know

Shrimp farming is rapidly growing in popularity and people all over the world are venturing into this type of farming at an alarming rate.

However, it is absurd that most people are venturing into the activity without undertaking any research to have a clue of what the farming entails.

Before starting a shrimp farming, there are basics that should be at your fingertips.

One of the basics that you should be aware of is that shrimp grow in brackish or salty water.

Some people who are not aware of this fact end up carrying out the farming in freshwater and encounter enormous losses.

If you are looking to grow freshwater prawns, that is another story altogether and is certainly achievable.

Have you ever asked yourself the number of eggs laid by a female shrimp on a daily basis?

Knowing this will be a motivating factor for you to venture into shrimp farming.

The number of eggs laid by a female shrimp ranges between thousands and millions and it takes approximately 24 hours for the eggs to hatch.

Nauplii refer to the name of a hatched shrimp.

It takes approximately 12 days for the Nauplii to grow into young shrimps.

There are farms that put Nauplii or post-larvae in shrimp nurseries prior to transfer to ponds that are grown out.

This just indicates how it does not take long before the farmer starts reaping the gains of shrimp farming.

Shrimps are harvested on a yearly basis and can be done as much as 3 times annually in zones with tropical climate and where the temperature of water is considerably high.

To harvest shrimps, one can either use a net (net-fishing) or completely drain the pond.

You can use minimum intervention to grow shrimps or employ ultra-high technology.

With these concepts in mind, starting a shrimp farming can be the best idea to enter the competitive farming market.




Shrimp Farming Business

If you're serious about Raising Shrimp for profit, there are several questions you need to consider:       

  • How many types of shrimp species are there? 
  • Which ones should I raise? 
  • How much does it cost to get started?
  • What type of food do shrimps eat?
  • How do you feed growing shrimps?
  • What enemies or predators do shrimps have?
  • How much space do you need for raising shrimps?

Making a mistake when farming Shrimp can be deadly for your Shrimp...not to mention costly, frustrating and downright depressing.


You also need to consider:

  •     Are there any permits or licenses needed???
  •     You have heard of Shrimp farming actually being harmful to the environment. Is this really the case...what does it actually mean...and how can you counteract that???
  •     Are there any associations, clubs or organizations relating to shrimp farming and aquaponics where you can get support???
  •     How do you know what the water quality in the ponds should be and how to test it???



If you want to know how to farm shrimp from start to finish, but have a lot of doubt or questions...


  •     Discover just how long shrimp have been around and their incredibe resiliency  
  •     What is a shrimp anyway?
  •     Learn the difference between Saltwater Shrimp Farms and Freshwater Shrimp (Prawn) Farms.
  •     Disease is a major concern in Shrimp Farming...important information to keep your crop safe
  •     Weather...Did you know that El Nino and La Nina can drastically impact Shrimp Farms world-wide?
  •     Why It's not just "what" you feed your shrimp BUT "how" you feed them can have a huge impact on your harvest
  •     Harvesting and have to learn the importance of doing this exactly the right way every time.
  •     Your Important Alliances. Discover EXACTLY who you need to align yourself with to get your product to market...for the best price.


If you are interested in finding out more about shrimp farming as a business you might want to check this comprehensive shrimp farming guide out. It comes with a money back guarantee and some few bonuses... so you can check it out

Click here to check out the Shrimp farming business guide

Shrimp Farming Guide


 Additional Shrimp Farming Resources

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