Thinking Of Starting Your Own Fish Farming Business? This Is One Book I would Recommend!!

If you already own a business and you have not yet read this book the question is why?

I came across this book some years ago and

I absolutely love it !!!!

From time to time I still pick up the book to read again. (must have re-read it over 10 times till date)

The book has had a profound impact on me.

It educated me to what a business should be, can be and how to make it happen.

It illuminated the mistakes that we business owners sometimes make and ... at the same time... offers a better way forward.

If I was a business owner or thinking of starting my own business and I could read only one book...

It would be this one!!!!

This book is not written specifically for the fish farming business but its a book any business owner or entrepreneur must read.

The points made in the book  are very simply and clear, but they are of profound importance to the health of any business.

Once you understand the principles the author is trying to convey,

you will be able to look at your fish farming business with fresh eyes and

begin to put systems into place that will enable you to become free of your business, ...while making it ever more profitable.

It's straight to the point, no nonsense information for the would be entrepreneur.

Honestly, if you cannot afford to buy this book, visit your local library and pick up a copy or borrow from a friend that has got a copy.

This book is the gateway to a practice of what it means and needs to fulfill your life and the others you touch through your business.

It deals with the "nuts and bolts" of what a real business needs to look and act like, as well as

... the philosophy that powers and feeds the success of something which will become much more than just another business.

If you're thinking of starting up in business for yourself don't do anything till you've read this cover to cover!


Here are just a few comments of what others are saying about the book

I have a lot to owe to this book. As an entrepreneur, I was making the classic mistake of playing the roles of the technician, manager and entrepreneur all at once. But after reading this, I learnt about the importance of working ON your business rather than IN it.

I have since outsourced many of my low-value activities like admin and concentrated on the activities I enjoy doing such as meeting and teaching people about entrepreneurship and financial freedom.

E-Myth teaches you the importance of making yourself replaceable so that your business system can be run without you (think not having to check your emails on holiday!) and can be replicated should you wish to franchise this model for further expansion and higher profits.

It's certainly helped me free up more time to spend with my family or go on holidays, knowing that I am earning without needing to be physically present all the time.

There are essential, practical and usable tips for all Entrepreneurs lacking in time, energy, profit and hope!

Goutham Bhadri "Switch2Health" (North Brunswick, NJ)


What a fantastic book!

I first read it about 18 months ago and am re-reading it for about the 10th time now.

It has transformed the way I look at and conduct business and I recommend it to all my networking friends, business associates and coaching clients.

It uses the story of a particular individual to illustrate the most common mistakes business owners make and provides some amazing insights.

Mr. A. PRESTON "" (Manchester, UK) -



This is a book that I am using to run our business, I have had it recommended by two successful entrepreneurs who started their businesses and worked themselves into the ground to the point of heart attacks, bought the books and now have some life back. You want to work on your business not in it.

Take what you want from the book, it does help. A simple example I have just introduced in the ops manual is postage. I used to do this buy gut feel, sometimes first class, sometimes standard parcel and sometimes UPS. I now have a simple procedure so my temp does not need to decide, my customers get the same service if I do it or if the temp does it. It costs the same and I can budget for it. I now can use a temp that knows nothing about shipping..... This book makes you think about your business in a different way.

Buy this book if you are thinking about starting your own business.

James Stewart (Scotland)




What book is it that I am going on about?

The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It



fish farming business book



The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It



List Price: $ 18.99

Price: $ 7.75




I understand the CD version has been released too


The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do about It

Read in a clear and well-paced manner, listening to The-E Myth is like receiving advice from an old friend. --Sharon Griggins


List Price: $ 22.00

Price: $ 28.00




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    I live in Ghana and ,y name is Richmond Amada-Smith. I need a copy of your book “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It”. How can I get one since we can not send money out of the country and for security reasons i can not send it by western union? What should i do?

    • Hi Richmond,

      Where there is a Will…. There is always a way out!!

      You might be able to pick up a copy in one of your university bookshops or any reputable bookshop in Ghana or hopefully you might be able to get one of your friends travelling abroad to help you pick up a copy.

      Its quite unfortunate that you cannot order directly from abroad but I am sure this book is well known to some of your local libraries over there.

      Kind regards,


  2. I have read this book and it is really a good book to read. Would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who wants to start up their business.

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