Types Of Tilapia Fish


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Types of Tilapia Fish To Farm

Types Of Tilapia Fish

Today, tilapia is a popular food fish all over the world and it is also kept in aquariums.

Several governments of the world are now encouraging people to invest in Tilapia farming as a means of sustaining the demand for fish.

In order to make tilapia fish more suitable for farming and more attractive on the food market, many different hybrids and strains have been developed by tilapia breeders

Here are some of the species and variants that are mainly used in the tilapia fish farming industry


The Mozambique Tilapia Fish

farming tilapia fish - mozambique tilapia

The Mozambique Tilapia Fish (Oreochromis Mossambicus) is a popular fish among fish farmers since it is hardy and easy to grow. The fish is a popular food fish with white, mild flesh.

It is however far from the most common tilapia species in aquacultures; roughly 4 percent of the total global tilapia aquaculture production is made up by Oreochromis mossambicus. Despite this, Oreochromis mossambicus is a very important species for the fish farming industry since it is used extensively for hybridization.

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The Nile Tilapia Fish

farming tilapia fish - nile tilapia fish

The Nile tilapia fish (Oreochrom Niloticus) inhabits a lot of different waters, from lakes and rivers to irrigation channels and sewage canals. It is considered a freshwater species but will tolerate brackish conditions as well.

The Nile tilapia is principally a day active fish that feeds chiefly on phytoplankton and benthic algae. It can also eat plants and have been introduced to ponds to reduce the amount of aquatic weed.

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Blue Tilapia Fish

farming tilapia fish - blue tilapia fish

The Blue tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) is also commonly cultivated by farmers since it is one of the most cold tolerant species of tilapia.

Blue tilapia (Oreochromis aureus ) is also known as Israeli tilapia. It is an appreciate food fish and a common species in aquacultures world wide. Blue tilapia is also sold as bait and aquarists keep it as a pet. 

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The Red Tilapia Fish

farming tilapia fish - red tilapia fish

Red tilapia is a not a species of tilapia, it is instead a name used for several different manmade tilapia variants that sport and attractive red colouration.

These variants are the result of continuous selective breeding. Many farmers prefer to cultivate red tilapia since it is much sought after in certain markets.

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Wami Tilapia Fish

Farming Tilapia - Wami Tilapia Fish

The Wami tilapia is kept in aquariums and grown in aquacultures. Its minimum population doubling time is less than 15 months. The Wami tilapia is normally not a territorial species, but it can be occasionally.

The Wami tilapia lives in both freshwater and brackish environments. It feeds on detritus (decomposing organic matter), algae, plants and small invertebrates. It is a tropical species that prefers a water temperature around 22-26 degrees C (72-79 degrees F).

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